RWA Veritas Media Award

This award may be given annually for the nonfiction work, in print or other mass medium, that best depicts the romance genre in a positive light.

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2018 RWA Veritas Award Recipient

No award given.


Past Recipients of the Veritas Award

  • 2017: Thu-Huong Ha, "Maverick Women Writers are Upending the Book Industry and Selling Millions in the Process," Quartz
  • 2016: Kelly Faircloth, "How Harlequin Became the Most Famous Name in Romance,"
  • 2015: Joyce Lamb, "6 Things We Love about EW's Spread on Romance Novels," Happy Ever After
  • 2014: award not given
  • 2013: award not given
  • 2012: Denise Schipani, "7 Life Lessons from Romance Novels," Woman's Day
  • 2011: award not given
  • 2010: Gwenda Bond, for her article "Romancing the Recession" in Publishers Weekly
  • 2009: Ron Charles, for his article "Heating Up the Stacks" in the Washington Post
  • 2008: award not given
  • 2007: award not given
  • 2006: Mary Bly, for her article "A Fine Romance" published in the New York Times.
  • 2005: Don O'Briant, for his article "Romantic Encounters-Romance Diversifies, Expands" in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • 2004: award not given
  • 2003: Teri Sprackland, UPI wire correspondent, for her article "Romancing Readers Worth Billions"
  • 2002: Nora Schoenberg for her article "Romance in the Classroom"
  • 2001: Patricia McLinn, for her article in the Washington Post, "Go Ahead, Make Jokes. We'll Be Here with Our Fans."
  • 2000: John Charles, Shelley Mosley, and Ann Bouricius for their February 1999 article in the Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA), "Romance the YA Reader."
  • 1999: award not given
  • 1998: Lucinda Dyer, for her article "Roundup on Romance: Birds Do It, Bees Do It" which appeared in the November 10, 1997, edition of Publishers Weekly
  • 1996: Betsy Carpenter, for her article "Living the Fantasy - Romance Writers Get Some Respect, Scholarly Interest and Tons of Readers" published in the November 6, 1995, edition of U.S. News & World Report
  • 1995: Shelley Mosley, John Charles, and Julie Havir for their article "The Librarian as Effete Snob: Why Romance?", which appeared in the May 1995 edition of Wilson Library Bulletin.