PRO Mentor of the Year

Since 2004, RWA's PRO community has proudly recognized authors from the Published Authors Network (PAN) who go the extra mile to aid PRO writers in their quest for publication.  

The PRO Mentor of the Year is awarded to a member of RWA PAN who has acted as a trusted adviser, counselor, teacher or other criteria as might be determined beneficial to PRO members by the PRO Steering committee.  The award may not be presented every year if no candidate is clearly identified as meeting the level of excellence established by past recipients of the award.

The nominating period for PRO Mentor of the Year begins March 1, 2019. To learn more about the PRO Mentor of the Year, visit the PRO Community.


2018 RWA PRO Mentor of the Year

Cindy Dees

Cindy Dees  

The 2018 PRO Steering committee is pleased to announce the 2018 PRO Mentor of the Year, Cindy Dees. Dees is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of more than fifty romantic suspense, thriller, and fantasy novels. She works tirelessly for her craft, but her talent and skill aren’t the only reasons to marvel at Cindy’s work. Cindy gives back to the North Texas chapter of RWA, and the largest contribution to the chapter is her support for its members. She brainstormed the concept of a program for the chapter's PRO members: "Get Published." In addition to the "Get Published" program’s offerings, Cindy teaches workshops for her chapter and for other writing groups.


Past PRO Mentors of the Year

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  • 2016: Angi Morgan
  • 2015: Carla Swafford
  • 2014: Donna MacMeans
  • 2013: Eliza Knight
  • 2012: Deborah Cooke
  • 2011: Cherry Adair
  • 2010: HelenKay Dimon
  • 2009: Candace Havens
  • 2008: Karin Tabke
  • 2007: Jo Beverley
  • 2006: JoAnn Ross
  • 2005: Jennifer Crusie
  • 2004: Vicki Hinze