13.5.    Internet Forums.

13.5.1.       General Discussion Forums. RWA shall maintain general discussion Internet forums to promote communications    among members who are seriously pursuing careers in romance writing.    Such Forums shall be open to members who are seriously pursuing careers in romance writing; however, the Forums shall not be open to publishers, acquiring editors, or agents.     Use of RWA’s Forum requires that the user agrees with RWA’s Terms of Service.

13.5.2.       PRO forums, where authorized by the Board shall be open to current PRO members.

13.5.3.       PAN Forums, where authorized by the Board, shall be open to current PAN members.

13.5.4.       Honor Roll Forums, where authorized by the Board, shall be open to members on the Honor Roll.

13.5.5.       Committee and Task Force Forums. Forums for Ad Hoc Committees, Task Forces and Standing Committees shall be open to members of each committee or task force. Each committee Forum shall be moderated by the Chair and shall facilitate communication among members.

13.5.6.       Chapter-Related Forums. Forums for chapter-related activities shall be open to chapter members.

13.5.7.       Fees. RWA shall not charge subscription fees to members for use of the Forums.

13.5.8.       Forum Conduct. All subscribers to RWA Forums are expected to conduct themselves professionally when posting to any Forum.   Expectations of Privacy and Confidentiality. RWA cannot guarantee privacy or confidentiality in these Forums and members should consider their posts accordingly. Each user bears sole responsibility for the legal consequences of her or his remarks.     By their nature, the Forums set out in 13.5.5. are private and posts shall be confidential.   Inappropriate Behavior    Harvesting of Information/Theft of RWA Property. Harvesting of e-mail or other addresses, or other personal information for promotional or other purposes is strictly forbidden.    Inflammatory Posts. Posts should maintain the professional atmosphere of the Forums and should not be intentionally inflammatory, disruptive, malicious, or defamatory.    Unethical behavior. Posts that are unethical in nature, including but not limited to plagiarism, fraud, making false claims about RWA or threats of violence are forbidden.    Personal Promotion. Posts are to be limited to Forum business and industry news, and are not to promote individual members.    Violations of Rules. Harvesting of information/Theft of RWA property, making inflammatory postings and engaging in unethical behavior are considered violations of RWA Forum rules and are subject to disciplinary action.    Disciplinary Actions. Members who violate one of the rules will be subject to disciplinary action.  Violations may result in removal from RWA Forums or disciplinary actions pursuant to the Code of Ethics. Disciplinary actions are not Forum-specific. If a member is put on moderated status or suspended on one Forum, the action applies to all RWA-sponsored Forums to which the member subscribes.


Amended March 2018